Kslu Timetable December 2013

NSF ANSI 60-2011

NSF ANSI 60-2011

...0.005 mg/L to 0.003 mg/L on January 1, 2013. An informational annex (Annex G) was created to address this requirement until the implementation date. In addition, the bromate acceptance criteria for low-bromate hypochlorites was raised from 0.001 mg/L to 0.003 mg/L. Issue 46: Requirements for the evaluation of perchlorate...


...modified by the 2003 Amendments which were adopted by MSC.143(77) in June 2003 and entered into force in January 2005, and by the 2004 Amendments which were adopted by MSC.172(79) in December 2004 and came into force in July 2006. IMO IB701E, This publication contains the text of the...

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